The year is 1967 and the Scott family, made up of Arthur, his wife Celia, and their three children pull up stakes and move from Detroit to Arthur’s small home town in Kansas. Already reeling from the move and struggling to adjust, Arthur’s silence about the mysterious death of his sister Eve 25 years earlier only adds to the strain on his family.

Bent Road

However, when a local girl, Julianne Robison, goes missing not long after they move back into town, the Scotts find themselves hurtling down a treacherous path leading to old suspicions, startling secrets, and a host of powerful emotions they all thought were long since buried.

Bent Road is a story about overcoming fear. It is about facing one’s past and coming to terms with grief. It is a story that explores the lengths a person may go to in order to protect himself and his family, and the consequences that await him when he does.